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A common thread among all highly successful organizations is the presence of robust wellness programs. Employers increasingly recognize that investing in their employees is not only morally imperative but also a crucial business strategy.  Access to resources that support holistic well-being equips employees with the tools to navigate challenges effectively, resulting in reduced stress and burnout, increased happiness, improved health, and heightened productivity.

Established in 2013, Global Health Solutions (GHS) has emerged as a leading provider of comprehensive workplace wellness programs across Canada. 

At GHS, we take pride in our ability to accommodate urgent requests, ensuring prompt specimen collections within a 24-hour window or even on the same day, for workplace settings. Continuing our tradition of excellence, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing unrivaled corporate workplace flu shot programs and onsite flu shots for employers spanning the breadth of Canada.At Global Health Solutions, we understand the importance of fostering a culture of care and wellness within organizations. That's why we're committed to providing a range of wellness services, including on-site flu shot clinics Toronto, to support the well-being of employees. With our proven track record of administering 6,000+ flu shots annually, we approach each interaction with understanding, ensuring that every individual feels valued and supported throughout their wellness journey.

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What Wellness Services Does GHS Provide?

Our corporate flu shot providers are dedicated to fostering collaboration with our clients to develop a tailored workplace flu shot program. With a wide range of program offerings, we ensure there's something suitable for every employee. Our approach begins with a complimentary needs and interest survey, which informs the most engaging options for your unique workforce. At GHS, our on-site flu shot clinics Toronto are comprehensive and take a holistic approach to wellness. Many of our initiatives address multiple pillars of wellness simultaneously, enabling employees to experience a journey toward total well-being while fostering a culture of wellness within the organization. Schedule a discovery call with one of our wellness experts to explore how we can assist in crafting a results-oriented wellness program.

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Why Work with Us?

Renowned across Canada, our company has earned the trust ofnumerous corporations and institutions, spanning from small businesses tomultinational enterprises, and from private schools to large universities.  We take immense pride in the commendations we receive fromall our clients who have had the privilege of partnering with us. Theiroutstanding feedback serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment toexcellence and our dedication to delivering unparalleled service.

How Does GHS Workplace Flu Shot Program Work?

At Global Health Solutions, we adhere to a proven roadmap for the successful launch of new wellness programs, which also serve to enhance existing initiatives: 
●     Conducting comprehensive biometric screening for cardiovascular health, encompassing measurements for BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides 
●     Collaborating closely to maximize the effectiveness 
●     Carefully vetting corporate flu shot providers for the wellness programs 
●     Coordinating location for programs (ONSITE) 
●     Promoting wellness offerings to employees 
●     Hosting sign-ups  
●     Executing the program schedule efficiently 
●     Reporting & assessment 
●     Ensuring streamlined billing processes for client convenience 
This integrated approach ensures a holistic understanding of employees' health needs and supports their journey toward improved well-being.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

By reducing the overall incidence of flu cases, our healthcare systems can allocate more resources to combat other diseases more effectively. Immunizing employees against the flu thus plays a crucial role incorporate health management. Safeguarding your workforce against influenza can yield significant benefits for your staff's well-being. Through GHS workplace flu shot program, scheduling flu vaccination appointments becomes effortless and convenient for businesses.  Given that influenza compromises the immune system, individuals become more susceptible to contracting or developing severe illnesses. Therefore, we strongly advocate for prioritizing the protection of your employees through vaccination.


1. Can a pharmacist give a flu shot in Toronto?
Yes, pharmacists in Toronto are authorized to administer flu shots. They undergo specific training and certification to ensure the safe and effective delivery of vaccines. 

2. Who can administerflu shots in Toronto?
Apart from pharmacists, flu shots can also be administered by healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses in various healthcare settings like clinics, hospitals, and public health units. 

3. Can you get a flu shot without a health card in Toronto?
Yes, individuals can typically receive a flu shot without a health card in Toronto. While having a health card may expedite the process, itis not usually a requirement for receiving the flu vaccine. However, it's advisable to check with the specific vaccination provider for their policy on health card requirements. 

4. When is the best time to get a flu shot in Toronto?
The best time to get a flu shot in Toronto is typically in the early fall, ideally before the flu season begins in earnest. Immunization providers usually start offering flu shots in September or October to ensure protection before the peak of flu activity, which typically occurs between December and February. 

5. How often do you need to get a flu shot in Toronto?
It is recommended to get a flu shot annually. The flu virusstrains may change each year, so getting vaccinated annually ensures that youare protected against the most current strains.

 6. What is the flu vaccination program?
The workplace flu shot program aims to provide wide spread access to flu vaccines to prevent the spread of influenza and reduce its impact on public health. It involves coordination between healthcare providers, pharmacies, public health units, and government agencies to offer flu shots to eligible individuals across the city. The program often includes outreach efforts, public education campaigns, and vaccination clinics to encourage vaccination uptake and protect the community from flu-related illnesses.