Privacy Policy

Global Health Solutions (Canada) Inc. (“GHS”) supports a general policy of disclosure of personal data collection methods, and use of the data collected, as required under the current privacy legislation. We have implemented and applied this privacy policy as part of our obligations regarding the protection of our client's personal information from any misuse. This privacy policy applies to the storage, use and information-gathering through all ways which are currently or potentially be used for data collection by GHS. The networks covered by this document include, but are not limited to, web, phone, mail and e-mail. GHS has applied precise policies and actions and data management procedures to ensure that personal information is collected, stored, retrieved and disclosed in a method that allows clients to be informed about the use of their personal data.

Personal Information

GHS is always has been committed to ensuring the confidentiality and protection of personal information in its possession. Privacy Management Program is governed by the information handling practices of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and applicable provincial and professional standards. GHS arranges clients with a broad variety of care services. Therefore, in order to deliver the highest quality of services GHS requires relevant personal client information. Thus, our clients have a right to learn how we collect, use and disclose personal information. To anticipate that, to the best of our ability, client's personal information held by us remains precise, accurate, confidential and secure. GHS is pleased of its long-standing obligation of retaining the secrecy and confidentiality of personal data and has applied practices for better protection of the privacy of client's personal info.

All GHS employees are accountable and committed to ensuring that your personal information is held in the strictest confidence. workers ensure that all the information collected for different service packages and initiatives are limited to the assemblage of personal data which is mandatory for the specific and intended use, and that the knowledge and consent of the individual is obtained for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information. Staff will only ask you about information that we feel is necessary for the purpose of providing your care and service. We do not indiscriminately collect information, and constantly review our practices to ensure this remains true.

Clients should be comfortable knowing that all private information assembled remains their personal property. Client information always vary from client to client and program to program, and may consist of the name, addresses, date of birth, phone numbers, e-mail, and other private info. The personal data collected shall be as accurate, complete, and up-to-date as it is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.

Client’s Permission

At the start of any services we provide, we will ask you to sign a Client Consent, giving us your articulated written consent for all parts of the service. Please let us know if there is anyone with whom you do not want your information, in part or in whole to be released to, and we will make reminder of this. Your consent is considered binding through to the end of your service, provided the details for the consent haven't changed. You may withdraw your permission or consent in part or in whole, however, at any time during your care and service. For those individuals who are unable to provide consent, e.g., minors, those who are seriously ill or mentally handicapped persons, consent will be obtained by an authorized authority, e.g., legal guardian, power of attorney or the executor of your estate.

Client names are NEVER shared with any individual or organization for the purposes of commercial activity, such as selling, trading and/or renting your personal information.In rare cases, we may be required by law or other lawful authority to release personal information, such as when we receive a court order or subpoena.

In such cases, GHS will verify the lawful authority prior to release the information, and will endeavor to release only what is necessary for the stated purpose of the request.


GHS considers your health information extremely confidential, and has put many protections in place to safeguard its security. Your information is stored electronically, in paper files and in the knowledge of our staff. Electronic information is protected by computer firewalls, user names and passwords according to allocated authorization levels. Hard copy files are secured by being stored in places, where access is permitted only to staff with the necessary authority. After hours, these files are kept in a locked, secured area.

In addition, email signatures include a confidentiality statement explaining what to do if an email is received in error. In the case of either a misdirected email, the direction is to contact is not responsible for the privacy practices of organizations with links on our website

Errors and Omissions

You may contact to request a correction of an error or omission to your personal information. This request must be done in writing. As appropriate, GHS will make the correction as soon as is reasonably possible. If a correction cannot be made, GHS will notify you in writing as to why the correction cannot be made. Both the request for correction and our response will be retained in the record.

Individual Access

Any request from any individual or organization is treated with the utmost respect for individual client confidentiality. GHS will immediately contact the client to obtain consent for disclosure unless the client has previously consented in disclosures or agreements. This process ensures the right of the individual under the Privacy Legislation, as well as the client / service provider confidentiality agreements obtained at the initiation of service.


GHS's policy on personal information usage is straightforward. GHS is the sole manager of client owned data gathered or received in the course of delivery of our medical services. GHS does not rent, sell, exchange or otherwise release data to anyone, other than to the client for whom personal care or nursing care is being provided. This Privacy Policy applies to GHS, its employees, and its contractors and representatives who may be assisting in the execution or support of service delivery.


GHS uses a variety of security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information in our possession. GHS makes every reasonable effort to ensure that this personal information is maintained in a secure environment. In the case of financial information exchange we use industry-standard, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

Contact Us About Our Privacy Policy

Privacy policies and procedures from time to time may be changed without prior notice. If you have any questions regarding this privacy statement, our business practices, or your dealings with us, please feel free to go to Contact Us for contact information.