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A shared trait among thriving organizations is the implementation of robust wellness programs. Employers are increasingly acknowledging that investing in their employees is not only ethically essential but also a pivotal business tactic. Providing access to resources that foster holistic well-being empowers employees with the necessary tools to address challenges adeptly. This leads to diminished stress and burnout, elevated happiness levels, enhanced health, and heightened productivity.

Established in 2013, Global Health Solutions (GHS) has emerged as a leading provider of comprehensive workplace wellness programs across Canada.

We're proud of our ability to handle urgent requests efficiently, ensuring prompt specimen collections within a 24-hourwindow or even on the same day, specifically designed for workplace settings.Upholding our commitment to excellence, we continue to prioritize deliveringthe best workplace flu shot program and on-site flu shot services for employersin Montreal. 

At Global Health Solutions, we deeply understand the importance of fostering a workplace culture centered on care and well-being. That's why we're passionately committed to providing a range of wellness services, including convenient workplace flu shots Montreal, aimed at supporting the health of employees.

Dedicated Support Every Step of the Way
Experience peace of mind with our dedicated account managers. They ensure your on-site flu shot event runs smoothly, efficiently, and with a personal touch that caters to your specific needs.

 ● Over 60,000 Flu Shots Delivered
Join thousands of satisfied clients who trust us as their go-to provider for onsite flu shot clinics Montreal. With over 30 years of industry-leading experience, we've helped 60,000 employees nationwide stay healthy and protected with our flu shot services.

 ● Transparent and Affordable Pricing
We believe in making wellness accessible to all. That's why we offer clear and competitive pricing that's easy to understand. With no hidden fees, you can confidently make decisions for your organization's health without any surprises.

COVID-19 Testing Programs

Since COVID-19 began, we have completed:
40,000+ nasal swab tests
900+ workplace clinics
600+ in-home collections

We are able to provide complete management of your workplace COVID-19 testing program, including physician oversight, customized scheduling software, and a team of health professionals highly experienced to ensure a comfortable and safe testing environment.

Our range of testing options include:
PCR-based nasal swab or saliva sample testing by lab (24 hours)
Abbott Panbio antigen-based rapid test kits (15 minutes)

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Flu Immunization and Biometric Screening Programs

With thousands of flu shots performed every year, we have proven knowledge and experience in the safety and efficiency of managing on-site vaccination clinics. Prevent COVID-like symptoms at the workplace with a strong immune system during the flu season, keeping everyone healthy and with a peace-of-mind that all your friends and colleagues are more protected in shared environments.

Biometric screening for cardiovascular health, including measurements for BMI, body fat %, waist circumference, blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides. These simple but effective data will provide useful insight into your overall health condition and raise awareness on any particular areas of concern for further follow-up.

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Flu Immunization

What Wellness Services Does GHS Provide?

Our corporate flu shot providers are hereto foster collaboration with you, ensuring we craft a workplace flu shot program that fits like a glove. With a diverse range of offerings, we guarantee there's something for every employee. Our journey starts with a complimentary needs and interest survey, allowing us to tailor options that resonate with your unique workforce. At GHS, our corporate flu vaccination service in Montreal is designed with your well-being in mind. We take a holistic approach, intertwining various wellness pillars to nurture not just physical health, but mental and emotional well-being too. This journey towards total wellness fosters a culture of vitality within your organization. Ready to explore how we can make your wellness a priority? Schedule a discovery call with one of our wellness experts. Together, let's craft a wellness program that's not only results-driven but also mindful of your budget and needs.

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How Does GHS Workplace Flu Shot Program Work?

At Global Health Solutions, we adhere to a proven roadmap for the successful launch of new wellness programs, which also serves to enhance existing initiatives: 

●      Conducting comprehensive biometric screening for cardiovascular health,         encompassing measurements for BMI, body fat percentage, waist circumference,         blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides 
●      Collaborating closely to maximize the effectiveness 
●      Carefully vetting corporate flu shot providers for the wellness programs
●      Coordinating location for programs (ONSITE) 
●      Promoting wellness offerings to employees 
●      Hosting sign-ups  
●      Executing the program schedule efficiently 
●      Reporting & assessment 
●      Ensuring streamlined billing processes for client convenience

This integrated approach ensures a holisticunderstanding of employees' health needs and supports their journey towardimproved well-being.

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  Why Work with Us?

Our company's reputation extends far and wide across Canada, earning the trust of a diverse range of corporations and institutions. From small businesses to multinational enterprises, and from private schools to large universities, our services have made an impact in various sectors.

We are deeply honored by the appreciation and praise bestowed upon us by our valued clients. Their kind words serve as a heartwarming reminder of the trust they've placed in us. This recognition fuel sour passion for excellence and reinforces our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service with a personal touch.

   Prevention is the Best Medicine

By lessening the occurrence of flu cases, we not only relieve strain on healthcare systems but also empower them to redirect their resources toward combating other diseases more effectively. Immunizing employees against the flu is thus a vital component of corporate health management. 

Protecting your workforce from influenza can have profound benefits for their overall well-being. With GHS's workplace flu shot program, scheduling flu vaccination appointments for your business becomes simple and convenient. 

Influenza weakens the immune system, leaving individuals more vulnerable to serious illnesses. Therefore, we whole heartedly advocate for prioritizing the well-being of your employees through vaccination. Together, let's ensure the health and vitality of your team.

Better Healthcare,Better Bottom Line

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1. Can a pharmacist give a flu shot in Montreal?
Yes, pharmacists in Montreal are authorized to administer flu shots.
2. Who can administer flu shots in Montreal?
In Montreal, flu shots can also be administered by healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurse      practitioners, and registered nurses, as well as pharmacists. 
3. Can you get a flu shot without a health card in Montreal?
    Yes, individuals in Montreal can typically receive a flu shot without a health card. However, it's advisable to    check with the specific vaccination provider for their policy on health card requirements.
4. When is the best time to get a flu shot in Montreal?
The best time to get a flu shot in Montreal is typically in the early fall, ideally before the flu season begins in      earnest. Immunization providers usually start offering flu shots in September or October to ensure      protection before the peak of flu activity. 
5. How often do you need to get a flu shot in Montreal?
It is recommended to get a flu shot annually in Montreal, as the flu virus strains may change each year.    Annual vaccination ensures that you are protected against the most current strains.
 6. What is the flu vaccination program?
The flu vaccination program in Montreal encompasses various initiatives aimed at providing widespread     access to flu vaccines. This includes onsite flu immunization clinics, workplace flu shot programs, and     corporate flu vaccination services. These programs are designed to protect employees and the community     from the flu by offering convenient access to flu shots in various settings.